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Attain is an online system for managing statutory forms and delegations of authority. It can be accessed at any time from any location with an Internet connection. Attain will help you to manage:

  • Gift and Travel Declarations
  • Primary and Annual Returns
  • Related Party Disclosures (AASB 124)
  • Exercise of Delegated Powers or Duties
  • Delegations of Authority
Attain is not just a replacement for the paper-based forms, it provides help and guidance for understanding how to fill out the forms. For administrators, it can be used to track forms, create reports and statutory forms as well as manage the delegations of authority.

Attain was designed by compliance experts. It is unique in that it will work within your legislative framework. We proactively monitor legislative changes and update the system to ensure that the system meets your organisation's statutory requirements.
Attain features


Gift and Travel Declarations

Gift and Travel Declarations

Identify types of gifts – Attain will work within your legislative framework to determine the types of gifts being disclosed.

Track gifts and travel from the same giver – Helps users to keep track of cumulative gift values from the same gift giver.

Create reports and statutory forms – Create reports on gifts and travel contributions as well as statutory forms for online publishing.

Electronic acknowledgement of declarations – Attain employs an automated email workflow to acknowledge receipt of gift and travel declarations – no more paper forms.

Help and guidance – Comprehensive help and detailed examples are provided to give guidance for declaring gifts and travel.
Primary and Annual Returns

Primary and Annual Returns

Statutory forms – Attain provides electronic versions of your statutory forms, which after submission, can be saved or printed.

Track form submissions – Administrators can track and report on the progress of returns.

Email reminders – Administrators have the ability to send email reminders to users when returns are due or overdue.

Electronic acknowledgement of declarations – Attain employs an email workflow to acknowledge receipt of returns – no more paper forms.

Help and guidance – Comprehensive help and detailed examples are placed next to each form section to give guidance when and where it is needed.
Delegations of Authority

Delegations of Authority

Manage delegations of authority – Administrators can create, update and remove delegations and amendments.

Review and publishing process – Incorporates a review and publishing process for each delegation to obtain approval and adoption.

Links users to delegations of authority – Administrators can quickly see which users have a delegated authority and users can quickly see the details of what powers they have been delegated.

Exportable and printable register – The Delegations Register can quickly be printed or exported to a Word or PDF document.

Review reminders – Provides reminders for when a delegation of authority is due to be reviewed.
Exercise of Delegated Powers or Duties

Exercise of Delegated Powers or Duties

Submit records of officers exercising a delegated power or duty – Users can create a record of the exercise of a delegated power or duty, which is submitted to the Register of Exercised Powers or Duties.

Automated email workflow approval – Using an automated email workflow approval process, the system provides an option to allow any user to submit an exercise of a delegated power or duty on behalf of the officer of committee empowered with the delegated authority.

Links users to delegations of authority – Records can only be submitted by officers or on behalf of officers who have the authority as defined in the Delegations Register.

Exportable and printable register – The Register of Exercised Powers or Duties can quickly be printed or exported to a Word or PDF document.
Delegations of Authority


Low cost, low risk solution – Attain is subscription-based software so you only pay for the licences that you need for a specified period. There are no hidden costs or contracts that tie you in beyond the subscription period.

Available anywhere, any time – Attain is accessible from anywhere, any time via an Internet connection and a browser allowing users to submit forms

Intuitive, user-friendly and mobile ready – Attain has been designed with the user in mind. It's simple and easy-to-use layout means that users can quickly start using it. It works well with mobile devices so it can be used when you are out and about.

Ready to go – Attain is ready to go. We set it up. You use it. It's that simple. We will also handle all of the maintenance and system updates.
Exercise of Delegated Powers or Duties

Road map

Road map for Attain – At present, we have a number of modules and enhancements for Attain in development. Please ask us about the plans we have to make Attain even better.

Your voice counts – We are constantly working to add value to Attain. We listen to our customers because they are the best judge of what we do.

Our focus – Support is a primary focus for our team. We aim to deliver the best solution for our clients. We constantly monitor for legislative changes that may affect our clients who use Attain.

Request a Demo

We have a fully-featured online demo that you can access at any time. Send us a request for an online demo* to get first-hand experience of Attain's features.

*Please note that your personal information will never be shared with any third party, nor will it be used for any purposes other than the type of content required for the demonstration. Integrity Management Solutions reserves the right to contact you to obtain your feedback on the system demonstration.

What our clients are saying

"Apart from the ease of use for the end user, my favourite feature of ATTAIN is that it makes reporting really simple and quick. It really saves a great deal of time in managing the process and provides reassurance of compliance with on the screen. Also saves a significant amount of time in recording/filing because it is all online."
— Senior Governance and Risk Officer, Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley

"Ease of use; provides guidance notes; able to use system from any device with Internet access; requires all fields to be completed; greater oversight for compliance and reduces risks of breach of legislation; improved monitoring."
— Manager Executive and Risk Services, City of Joondalup

"I have found the system simple and easy to use. Any queries or issues (and they have only been minor) have been responded to quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend this product to other local governments!"
— Senior Governance Officer, City of Armadale

"I’m very impressed with IMS’s high level of service and rapid response time for support issues and enhancements."
— Manager Governance & Administration, City of Armadale

"Love the new reporting component!!!"
— Senior Governance Officer, City of Bunbury

"The product itself has not faulted in its operation. Being cloud based the platform is accessible anywhere meaning Councillors and staff do not need to be in the office/at their computer to complete the information. We anticipate the time saving while completing the next round of Returns to be considerable as the information will already be stored in the system - no need for paper printouts!"
— Executive Assistant to CEO, Shire of Merredin

"This year we have achieved 100% of our Annual Returns received before the due date which has previously been difficult to achieve via a manual process. The feedback from Councillors has been very positive. They have praised the system for being user friendly and easily accessible from any device at any time."
— Governance Officer, City of Fremantle

"From my perspective and having tested the system, it is user friendly and easy to use, self-explanatory and a simple step by step form. The Help Guide when entering Gifts and Travel Declarations is very useful and assists the user to determine what they should and should not declare. There is help throughout the entire process."
— Executive Assistant, City of Cockburn

Organisations that trust Attain

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